Ways to Thicken Setting Lotion???

chosn4onechosn4one Posts: 1Registered Users
I have about half of a 32 oz bottle of Kera Care Setting Lotion left. However, ever since I moved to a very humid climate, my hair refuses to hold roller sets. As a result, I made the decision to transition to natural, but it is also too thin/watery for twist-outs and braid-outs!

I would hate to waste all of the product I have left ... Does anyone have any ideas on other uses or ways that I can THICKEN this setting lotion?


  • adthomasadthomas Posts: 5,525Registered Users
    Sometimes I add a little setting lotion to my homemade spirtz recipe when retwisting before bed. have some in there now. But there is a possibilty you won't be able to make it work. We have all had to toss, give away or swap stuff before. But I never toos shampoos or conditioners because I can either shave my legs or clean my brushes with it.
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  • anonymous_127430anonymous_127430 Posts: 16Registered Users
    Possibly adding some kind of oil, like coconut, olive, tea tree and using it as a treatment/cowash/conditioner before actually washing your hair. Or try to see if it can hold your curls when doing twists.