Less Volume?

My hair seems to expand througout the day. I wake up and wash my hair, and when it first dries it looks fantastic. I leave, and after a few hours it begins to get wider and bigger until I can't take it anymore and I pull it up. I desperately need a product or a suggestion on how to keep this from happening daily! Its really beginning to bother me :? I really hope you can help me :D Thanks!


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    Oh, and I certainly don't mind crunchiness, as long as it's not over-the-top. Anything to keep my curls under control I'll take! :P
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    try biosilk rock hard gelee...its pretty crunchy but if you use a leave in under it you can easily scrunch out the crunch when your hair is dry...hope that helps!
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    I actually tried that today (I had some BRHG for a while ago) and it worked fabulously until all the crunch was gone and it started to do that expanding thing :P! Soo frusterating :(
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    That same thing happens to me. What has helped is having the deva cut. That has really helped with the "carrot top" effect. lol... Seriously, since I have had the cut, my hair gets bigger by the end of the day but not as big as before. I told her that I specifically didn't want it to be so big, so she helped shape it. For me, that was what it took.
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    I just got a fantastic haircut recently, and it doesn't have nearly the volume it used to, but it still becomes too big for my likings :(