More hair loss with CG?

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Is it normal to shed more hair in the shower using the CG method? I wash every other day, and consistently drop enough hair to clog my little drain strainer cup.

Maybe, because I'm using a no-poo (DevaCare), I'm scrubbing my scalp harder to get it clean, which causes more fallout? I have medium density hair, and haven't noticed any thinning spots. It's just a little disconcerting when I feel those clumps of hair (well, not clumps per se, but many strands at a time) slide down my back and into the shower!
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    Not sure. I just wanted to let you know i'm in the same boat, but it's always been like this, even before CG. I wash everyday, once in a while on the 3rd day and I lose a good amount of hair but when I asked my stylist about it (I was concerned) she said it was normal for the amount of hair I have. I have TONS of hair and so naturally i'll lose more than someone with less hair. If I wait and wash on the 3rd day i'll get three times the amount of hair and yeah, that usually fills up the hair trap pretty good. Just make sure you're really gentle in the shower with your hair.
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    A change of seasons sometimes increases the amount of shed for a few people. My family goes through an "Autumn's Hair Fall." Mine lasts a few weeks. I never really notice a difference in my density, though.
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    One theory is that when straight hair experiences shedding it can just fall out and away without you noticing. Curly or wavy hairs send to get stuck once they release, and get removed manually when combing, washing, etc. I've experienced this my whole life and I'm used to it.
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    I have the same problem. This never used to happen before CG. If you find out the cause or a cure please let me know.
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    I too, wonder if it's the hard scrubbing/manipulation. When we used shampoo, the shampoo did the job, and now with manipulation. I wonder if it's a good thing or not. I've scrubbed so hard at times that my scalp hurts in areas afterwards when it's dry. Then i get scared that I'm going to close up pores or prevent hair from growing back. Hopefully those are just stupid thoughts of mine. At least I've never made it bleed, but it's not handling this scrubbing stuff
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