new to letting my hair curl

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Help! I'm in my mid-20s and grew up hating my wavy hair. The flat iron and hairdryer have been my longtime friends. Now I'm trying to make myself like it. After perusing this site a little, I think my hair is a 2a in the front around my face, and becomes maybe even 3a in the very back (according to my husband's assessment). My problem is making the hair towards the front of my face match the curls in the back. Everything I have tried has just made my hair look greasy and/or wet. I've tried mouse, curl definer spray, changing how I wash/condition my hair, using a diffuser, etc etc. with no luck (well, a teeeeensy bit of luck, but my patience is wearing thin!). Mind you, I am new to all this and tend to feels defeated quickly. Also, I am tired of dropping so much $$$ on this experiment. So before I give up and surrender to the flat iron forever, wondering if any of you wonderful people have any tips for me.

helpful info: my hair kinda short, an angled bob, longer in the front, shorter in back. I color it every 6-8 weeks as I have steadily gone grey since I turned 18. I shampoo my hair probably 5 days a week as i hear vinegar rinses are hell on colored hair.

please, help! Thanks!

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