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I have 3c/4a hair type and been in transition for a year. I’ve been searching for a styling product for when my hair is wet, but had no luck. Some products are sticky and oily and just leave my hair hard and not looking too great. If anyone knows of a great Gel/cream that I can use, I appreciate it. Also, I do not know if such product exits, maybe a leave in conditioner, but I’m looking for something that I can use while I’m in the pool or in the beach. Thanks for the help :D


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    My hair is 3B/C naturally, I also have been transitioning for a year or so. My hair is DRY and never gets oily at all. I've experimented with a lot of products in the past, but while I'm waiting for my hair to grow in I keep it simple since I figure I won't like my hair's bi-textured look now anyway. (Waiting till June to do the BC)

    I really like Garnier Sleek n' Shine leave-in conditioner. It keeps my hair soft and keeps it from frizzing out -- even the straightened stuff wants to pretend it's curly sometimes. I also always come back to L'Oreal Melting gel, I just like the consistency and that it never makes my hair crunchy/sticky. Ouidad has some good gels, but it's a bit pricey.
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    I love Blended beauty's Curl pudding layered over their [buylink=]Styling butter cream[/buylink]. The pudding is like a cream + gel but I read that it best to layer it over the butter so that's what do when I airdry. As for conditioners to use in the pool i would suggest something that has a silk protein such as VO5 champagne kisses. HTH
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