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Has anyone used this brand? It's very expensive and gets great reviews. If so, how was it?


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    My daddy gifted me the entire collection. I'm indifferent about it but my mom who colors regularly likes it. The ingredients are good but not enough exotic stuff for the price...none of the undesirable stuff like cones and parabens though.
    The conditioners have coconut oil so I have not bothered with them but the hair mask isn't bad but once again for the price it should be way better than a souped up DC. I liken this to a thinner KBB Hair mask.
    The shampoo (gluten free one) is nice, didn't strip my hair but it didn't do anything magical either. It wasn't moisturized, it wasn't super soft...it was a regular old shampoo.
    My mom does wng's with conditioner and seals with the elixir, nice results everytime she also uses the finishing treatment as a second day refresher. This is nothing but a hair milk/lotion.
    The conditioners and the finishing treatment don't play well with gels or creams..can we say white ball city. All in all, it's ok but I wouldn't personally buy it, even if it went on sale.

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    Thanks for that great review Coily Kinks

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