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Hello. I am not exactly new to the natural world. But i am returning and i know there are so many new and creative techniques to have natural hair. I am in the transitioning stage. I just started growing my hair out for i believe two months now. I am not planning on doing the BC until February or March. And im kind of scared. I dont think i will look bad i know it will be a big big change for me. I am in high school and on my way to college. I wanted to do something new and the my permed hair always annoys me. I love my hair thick jet black and curly and i like that there are other females that feel the same. I would love to get some advice or pointers on how to keep my hair healthy while i grow it out and what styles that i can do. I will be trying the mini twist style soon hopefully it comes out well. Wish me luck. But im glad to have joined this community. :icon_smile:


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    Hi, Tashjain! :wave: There's a board that is specifically for transitioning issues: Transitioning - CurlTalk
    But don't limit your reading to that board. There's a ton of great info and help on all of the boards. It can be overwhelming at first, but read as much as possible. It's amazing how much you'll learn! These boards are all about healthy hair!
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    Hi Tashjain--welcome to our curlyworld! We're glad you're here.

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    You are beautiful!