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What is your volume secrets?

I have lost a LOT of hair in the post badly shed. Almost 50% thickness. Now I have tons of crazy baby hairs (and some are so curly! Holy cow pregnancy does weird things to your body!).

My hair is currently in an angled bob. I am having trouble with it looking thin. I am planning on going to get the bob straightened and layers added for a true wavy bob cut. I am hoping that will help add more volume. When my baby hairs catch up, I plan on growing the whole thing out. Just seemed pointless right now with all my hair loss.

What other tips/products do you use to help promote volume?

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    My hair has a lot of natural volume but since going CG, I've had to try some new things to give it a boost. I scrunch all my products in with my hair flipped over and I diffuse upside-down as well. I SOTC with my head flipped over as well and, for whatever reason, my hair is always bouncier and more voluminous than if I had SOTC with it right-side up.

    Have you tried any products that claim to help with volume?

    I've seen some people use clips at the roots to get more root volume but I've never tried that.
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    I also do everything upside down. I find if I diffuse my hair upside down the water doesn't weigh it down while it's drying so that helps with volume quite a bit. If you don't have time to do all your hair at least dry the roots while upside down, it helps. Not only is my hair wavier this way but also it's not so flat at the top and I don't get triangle hair this way. I have a problem with too much volume on the bottom and not enough on the top even though I have a LOT of hair. I've never used clips but some people clip their hair at the top while it dries to give it some help too.
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