Hair relaxer

Hello I was just wondering if anyone knew a good hair relaxer to use, my curls are 3a/3b. I need ones that are available to buy in the UK as well, thankyou:)


  • InaEvaInaEva Posts: 61Registered Users
    I don't think any relaxer is good to your hair.
    Mulatto, Long 3B Hair
  • LauraWolfhartLauraWolfhart Posts: 57Registered Users
    Oh dear, don't get a relaxer. Those are just terrible for hair, soo many women have complained about their hair thinning and falling out after a relaxer, the chemicals used in those are really harsh on hair. If products don't work for you then consider a keratin treatment? It has much less chemicals and it smoothes out hair really nicely. If your hair is thick then it gives the best results. My sister got one called Cocoa Keratin hair smoothing treatment and we applied it at home (it's a kit). That was like 4 months ago and her hair is still looking good. Keratin is way better than a relaxer, think it over before you buy anything!