Has anyone else ever...?

Following on from my earlier thread about my blowout.

It's quite evident that however my hair dries it stays put, I now have to wash as my hair doesnt feel so clean after a blowout which has lasted 5 days.
I liked my blowout becaust it was a bit more glam and less unruly looking.

My high school was all girls and v. strict and we werent allowed to have any hair down, sometimes as an alternative to a ponytail I used to take sections and twist them back into a messy bun shape, I remember after swimming taking it out in the evening and it was really nice looking but had to go back up immediately for the next day. :roll:

Just wondering if it would work now to create tamed waves and if anyone else does anything similar.
Quite a pretty, hassle-free way of airdrying effortlessly too, if it works :)
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    Not sure how Carmen Electra can help you. :lol:

    I think it should work as long as your hair can dry in the messy bun. I do that sometimes, and my hair comes out wavy. The problem is that the inside of the bun doesn't dry until I take my hair down, so I can't leave it that way all day.
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