I'm Afraid of Product!

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Hey Wavies!

My hair has been in pretty good shape lately compared to what it used to be (Straightened it everyday for 6-7 years and dyed it every color imaginable and bleached it). I hardly straighten my hair now because I am honestly just too lazy to do it, and lately have been kind of embracing the uniqueness of my wavy/curly hair. I use (and I know its not CG friendly) Pantene Humectant Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner because I love the way it smells and makes my hair feel! But I am afraid of putting product in my hair after I shower. I tend to just blowdry and scrunch at the same time. I have tried using mousses and gels and they make my hair feel "producty" and my hair also seems to look more stringy after I use them. When I don't use them my hair is softer and full of life! But I am worried with the winter season approaching that my hair is going to frizz out! Any suggestions?

I have 2b, fine BUT THICK hair. And a little face so I don't want my hair to take over with it's volume (Hehe).

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