Ever get excited to straighten hair but then tired of it after less than a week

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I was really excited to get my hair done after about 2 weeks of me attempting to do it myself.I was getting compliments from random guys and my female friends about how great me&my hair looked.

But it didn't make me happy because I knew it was only because of my hair.Reguardless of that I noticed after less than a week I get bored with having my hair straightened.

I usually straighten it just to see how long its gotten.I just don't know how I use to go 2 weeks without washing/rinsing my hair!


  • DepressedCurlsDepressedCurls Registered Users Posts: 836
    Same here! I last straightened my hair mid August, and as soon as i was done straightening it...3 hours later...i wanted to wash it and go back curly. I kept it for maybe a week, since it was easy to throw back into a pony tail for work, but i wanted to wash it nearly immediately. I got instantly bored with it and was just staring at it like..."why did i do this? What's so appealing about straight ol hair?" I'm just gonna straighten it to check length every few months. I'll probably straighten it next In November or December to check length, then wash and go back curly. :) I used to straighten my hair everyday. If it was curly, it was only curly until it dried...then i would straighten again. I don't know, I'm thinking about posting in the forum straight vs curly, because it really shows, how much better our curls really are!
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    I've been natural for 3 years now & I've only straightened it once. I, too, got many compliments on my straight 'do, it was nice for a few days not having to put in all the effort required with wearing my hair in its natural state. After a few days I was like really this is so boring & I didn't feel like myself. I realized that I did not miss sweating out my edges & sitting in a salon chair for hours. I made it last a little over a week & washed that mess right out. I said never again, to me it isn't worth the time.

    Oh and I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but just from straightening that one time it took a few months for my hair to curl back the way it did before I had straightened. It's like my curls were super loose almost a wave, just from that one time, I was nervous.

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    That happened to mine too. It took time for the curl to go back to it's original form. Thankfully it went back, I'm terrified it won't go back next time. :/

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  • GroYoFroGroYoFro Registered Users Posts: 237 Curl Neophyte
    Straight hair is boring, very boring. Nobody likes a flat car, people like cars that have curves. Same concept.
    "Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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    GroYoFro wrote: »
    Straight hair is boring, very boring. Nobody likes a flat car, people like cars that have curves. Same concept.

    ^ LOVE this.

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    Oh totally. When I worked at Jack in the Box I had to wear a hat, and always pulled my hair back and clipped it into a bun to keep hair from getting into the food. Well, with straight hair I couldn't do this because pulling back my hair gave it a kink. After I quit I straightened my hair since I was reveling in the freedom of no longer having to wear a uniform or have my hair up all the time. I realized how boring my straight hair looked on me when I finished straightening; in fact, I went back to curly a day or two after straightening.

    Part of it, I'd like to add, was not just that I looked boring but also because it couldn't STAY straight. I had to touch up parts the next day because they looked like they were blow-dried straight instead of flat-ironed (I hate how hair looks when it's blow dried straight!), and because there was a giant kink on one side that wouldn't come out. It was very damaging, and I didn't want to do that to my hair. I don't think my bangs curl right anymore because I straightened them too often.

    I'm so used to seeing myself curly that I can't imagine straightening ever again, but maybe I'll dye my hair red after I reach my target length. I love how I look with red hair.
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    I straightened my hair shortly after cutting it thinking that seeing myself with a straight bob would be cool or that it'd look super classy.
    Yeah, no. Yawn. Washed it the next day. CURLS FOR LIFE, MAN.
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