Dry, flakey scalp.

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Ok, so I successfully co-washed for about 3 months with minimal flaking. However, recently it has gotten really really bad. I tried using Yes to Carrots Scalp soothing shampoo, which has a milder sulfate in it. This seemeed to help for awhile. But, it got soo bad I had borrow some of my roommate's Selsum Blue, which worked wonders! The pyrithione zinc has really helped in the past.

I would love to stay Sulfate/Paraben free, but I cannot find any viable options for this! Suggestions? I have tried Tea Tree Oil, and Coconut Oil. The Tea Tree did nothing, and I had to use regular shampoo to get the Coconut out. Thus, defeating the purpose. Suggestions?
2c, low porosity, medium density, fine, medium :flower:


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    I use this. it is the only think that has consistedly helped. I also do honey and brown sugar scrubs.

    Primrose & Lavender Scalp-Soothing Shampoo 11oz
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    Hey thelio, this is really a great help from you to get rid from the Dry, flakey scalp. Thank you so much!
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    Your skin is the largest living organ of our body, and your scalp is a part of that skin. Natural oils on the scalp are what help condition the hair. When it gets dry, the skin becomes irritated and flakes off. If a dry scalp is untreated it will become extremely itchy. A dry scalp occurs when there is a lack of moisture present, and can also occur when there is a  change in weather, diet, or sensitivity to hair ingredients in your hair care. Dry scalp is one of the causes for itchy scalp.Be sure to use the right hair products that include hydrating and replenishing properties.

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