Can I claim it??

sapphirestarr14sapphirestarr14 Registered Users Posts: 86
Recently straightened my hair and was surprised to find it down the middle of my back! Can I claim WL?? I'm so excited regardless cuz my hair has NEVER been past my shoulders since my mom relaxed it when I was like 8... I included a pic of my hair curly so everyone can see why I was so pleasantly surprised. Lol.
Mostly fine hair, coarse around my edges and nape.
Definitely high porosity and insanely dense.
Not so sure on the elasticity, but I don't think I have a very good moisture/protein balance and my hair is ubber dry, so I'm going to go with low... of course I could be very wrong.

Cowash/RO: HEHH, AIA Coconut Cowash
PT: Ion Effective Care Treatment
DT: Any condish with EVOO+Honey
LI: SM CES or PM The conditioner
Styler: EcoStyler Olive Oil, KCCC, or Let's Jam


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    congrats on your growth and retaining length :toothy7:
    LOIS (OS); cottony, TYPE 4 hair, fine/med strands; no cones bcz my hair hates them; last relaxer '98; now low porosity:?, ignores most natural hair rules; BC #8

    faves: suave, v05 shampoo, conditioner (my own), raw shea butter, castor oil, peanut oil, aloe juice
  • DepressedCurlsDepressedCurls Registered Users Posts: 836
    YES GIRL, CLAIM THAT ISH. Lol forreal, congrats I'm so jealous. I've been at a stand still for so long.

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  • Parissy198907Parissy198907 Registered Users Posts: 479
    Holy Crap that's long! I think your ends are are definitely grazing waist length!!! Claim it!
  • greenjumpergreenjumper Registered Users Posts: 891
  • adthomasadthomas Registered Users Posts: 5,525 Curl Neophyte
    Looks good. The power of shrinkage is amazing. Speaking of which I went with a friend of mine who is maybe 3a to get a haircut and the stylist told her curly hair shinks by 50 percent. I almost laughed. I thought she must not get too many 4as up here!!
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
  • HipsterSoulHipsterSoul Registered Users Posts: 1,017

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