ceb002ceb002 Posts: 22Registered Users
i have 3b/3c hair the ends of my hair are 3b but around the roots are a very thick and coarse 3c, i find that when i got a texturizer a year ago it was a lot easier to manage my hair. however i fear that if i get a texturizer again it could damage my hair and would not return to its original state. i am still growing out the texturizer from last year.:confused1:


  • elenaaelenaa Posts: 190Registered Users
    are you asking a question? ive actually never tried a texturizer so i wouldnt know anything about it. but if it damages your hair even if it makes your hair managble would you really want to do it? managable hair that ends up damaging or healthy hair thats alittle harder to manage. i mean its not impossible, you just have to try different things that work for you :)

    i hope you make the right decision ^.^

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