I think DevaCurl products are drying my hair!

I have only been using the DevaCurl products for about 3 weeks now (LoPoo, One Condition, Heaven in Hair, and the styling cream) and it is now much drier than before. It looks and feels good the day that I wash it, but the next day it feels like Brillo!

I kind of think that the culprit might be the Heaven in Hair because I was introduced to that recently, and my hair is worse recently.

When I used to flat iron I could go 5 days without washing and it never felt dirty, now on the 2nd day it feels like I need to wash it again - looks and feels like a poodle's hair (I have very tight curls).

Anyone else have this problem? My hair was actually getting better at first, but again I think it might be the Heaven in Hair. Problem is I go to a Deva salon and I probably can't tell them this issue!

Help!! fine hair, high porosity, and I've forgotten the other necessary details - sorry:sad1:
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    I found Heaven in Hair to be too drying for my hair as well. More recently, I noticed DevaCare Arc Angel can dry out my hair if I use it too many times in a row!

    I love One Condition, but, overall, I don't think the DevaCurl line is moisturizing enough for my hair. I've recently learned that the dryness of my hair can actually be exacerbated by the proteins and glycerin in the DevaCurl products.

    If I lived where there is a lot of humidity I'm sure my hair would need different products from the ones that are currently working. But I live in a desert, and I've yet to find a product my hair doesn't slurp up in record time.
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    I tried Deva products years ago and found them to be drying. I also figured them ti be the reason I was breaking out super bad.

    About a year ago, I decided to try Deva again. My hair was beautiful the first few wash n gos. After, my hair became moisture hungry and my poor face broke out again. I brought this up to the people at Devachan and they told me that there is no way they products should dry up my hair unless I am using them wrong( I know Im not using them wrong) they also told me to wash my face after doing a wng, which I do but I cant helpthat my hair touches my face. No other conditioners cause me to break out like Deva. I recently finished up my Deva products and have moved on. Ill forever be a fan of the great haircuts that I get frim Devachan, but I just cant anymore with these products.