Can't figure how to use Ice Cream Dye Packet on my already dyed hair

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I've searched the web for solutions to my problem but to no avail. I am hoping desperately someone here can help me.

I bleached highlights into my hair a while back at home. I then used L'oreal red over it the next day. The color was so and so.

It's been 4 months since then and my roots are really showing.

I want to color my whole head red again, as well as do my roots.

I bought Ice Cream's red, Jean Philippe Hydrogen Peroxide 30 volume, and Roux's violet based bleach.

The original plan was to first bleach my roots (highlights) and then put the red on all of my head.

However Ice Cream's instructions say that the dye needs to be mixed with an oxidizing solution first, Does that mean that Ice Cream's solution already bleaches your hair red?

Would it be unadvisable to first bleach my roots then put the red ?

I want a red do but with highlights. I don't want to end up with one flat red color.

So confused. Someone please help.

Please no recommendations to go to a hairstylist. I am low in Money and in a city that doesn't have stylists that specialize in black natural hair,
3c/4a. Very Fine and Thin.
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    I don't know the products you have but with a developer (oxidizing solution), this is a permanent colour.

    there are a few rules to think about here:

    1. permanent colour does not lighten artificial pigments... only bleach can
    2. every time you put bleach or permanent colour on your hair, you damage it. EVERY time. That damage adds up. If you can avoid touching the same hair twice with permanent or bleach, you are on the right track.
    3. Permanent colour, at 30 volume, will only lighten hair 2 to 3 levels. Black is level 1, medium brown is level 4, Dark blonde level 6 or 7, medium blonde is level 8, light blonde level 9 and 10.
    4. If you want lightening more than 3 levels, you need bleach.

    Its very difficult to know what you actually need to get the results you want without actually seeing your hair.

    I would avoid using the permanent colour over top of the bleached hair again.

    Have you thought of using bleach on the roots and henna over top of the rest? The colour result would be bright and shiny and a lot healthier and long lasting.

    Henna does not damage and is very permanent. It covers grey extremely well.

    Good luck whatever you end up doing :)

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