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Hello! So I've been on my modified CG regimen for about two months now, and have finally found my HGs and I love the way my 3b hair looks! Now that the weather is starting to get cooler, I am considering purchasing a blow dryer/diffuser. I have never been a fan of blow drying personally, always have air dried it (I've gotten past the point of being embarrassed when I go to class with wet hair, because I shower in the mornings) because I felt like when I blow dried it, it would get very big and frizzy and poofy. However, I'm willing (very hesitantly) to give it another shot, because I live in a very cold climate and am concerned about breakage. A few days a week I also only have about an hour to get ready for the day between work and class, since I have to wear my hair up and in a baseball cap at work, and I usually wait until afterwards to get ready because once my hair is up it's up and can't be taken back down again until the next time I condition or else the curls just look limp. So I can't get up 4 hours early to let me hair dry, either. The problem is, I don't know the first thing about blow drying! I've done some reading on this website, but I figure it'd be good to get some personal testimonials about what dryers/diffusers you use, and how you use them. I'd love to hear what you all have to think on the subject. Thanks!


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    If you do a search you can probably find a bunch of threads on this topic. I also usually air dry, but diffuse if I'm in a hurry- I've used diffusers ranging from $30- $150 and haven't seen all that much difference between any of them, so I can't recommend a particular brand. To minimize damage, use low heat/low speed (temps below around 160 are pretty safe, 125 and below is the known safe zone, so you can always use a candy thermometer to check the temp of the air coming from your diffuser to get a good idea of what kind of heat you can get away with without worrying about damage).
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    I use a $6 sock diffuser on my hairdryer, nothing fancy going on in my house!. I leave my hair to dry for an hour or so then finish it off with the dryer. Once it's dry I scrunch out any crunch with the dryer still going. This is not a particular common way of diffusing, I'd take Corrina's advice and do a search - you'll find all sorts of different methods to try.
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    I usually blow dry my hair everyday. If you don't want it to get big and puffy, blow dry on low and don't flip your hair upside down...that's what gives it volume. You can try and let your hair dry naturally while you do other things then blow dry a little. You may need extra condition or treatment if you blow dry your hair often. And make sure you use a diffuser!