My hair crush noticed me!!!

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The check out girl at Whole foods has these unbelievably bouncy type 3 curls. It is a spiral, not waves, but extra big fat natural wash n go curls. She has it streaked in a believable ombre and I often find myself staring at her but she never looks my way or will continue a conversation. Until today. I noticed her hair was red. I missed the old color but I thought to myself somebody has been dipping into the henna. I tried to slink past because I had ratty third day hair that once has been the best curly BAAfro of all time but was now a frizzy dry mess. I pulled it into an updo but with a big puffy top and ..... She couldn't stop looking and it wasn't "whew girl your hair is a mess look." It was a how did she do that look so I can do it. I checked out in the aisle behind her and she kept turning to sneak looks.

I am so elated that my frizzed up, dried up, third day 4 texture caused my hair crush to rubberneck. It goes to show you. Your hair is never as jacked up as you think.
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Co- Aubrey Organic, GPD DevaOne.
Detangler- Aussie moist, Dove
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KCCC KT on certain days
Oil- Coconut, jojoba,
Goal: Peace, healthy hair and to not spend alot of time and money on my hair.


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    That is so cool, I know it made you feel good
  • anonymous_114091anonymous_114091 Registered Users Posts: 126 Curl Neophyte
    Get it, girl! :toothy7:
    *BIG CHOP: September 22, 2012* :afro:
    *Last Relaxer: April 15, 2012* :p


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