What curl enhancing creams don't make your thin but wave hair look like a soggy mess?

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I have thin type 2a hair, wavy but baby fine. I use organic shampoo and conditioner and they are great, but the only curl enhancer cream that doesn't turn my hair into a kind of soggy or brittle mess is Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft curls. I put it on after the shower on damp hair, and it really does a good job. The problem is it smells (intentionally) like fabric softener. I'm not sure why anyone would like to smell like fabric softener but I don't. Any suggestions on a product, preferably unsented and/or organic, that could do the job?


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    jj, I'm sorry that I don't have a good answer for you as far as curl cremes go, but I was wondering if you've tried using (not too much at once) mousse? A stylist suggested a volumizing mousse for me, which worked quite well. It can be sticky if I use too much.

    Have you tried Curl Junkie's Coffee Coco Creme Lite or AG: Recoil? They are very different. In case you haven't tried either, the CJ CCCL isn't likely to weigh your hair down. The Recoil is very sticky so use only a tiny amount. It definitely helps hair curl but has an ingredient that some find drying. Which ones have you tried so far?
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    Thanks so much I think I will try the Coffee Cream lite, that sounds promising. I've tried John Masters organic gel, its what my stylist always uses, but it leaves my hair very crunchy which I don't care for. I've tried the Pillow Soft creme by Miss Jessies, and the Aveda curl enhancer cream. They are all fine but the Miss Jessies product smell like perfumes and the Aveda is a bit heavy. I will look up the product you recommend. Thanks again!
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    Try from Target the Curls Curl Creme Brûlée. I think you will love it. It is natural, CG friendly, moisturizing and curl defining. I think it will be good for your fine hair. Mine is too but it is 4a. But something tells me it might work for you. It costs about $10 I think.
  • rmc2rmc2 Posts: 349Registered Users
    Plus it smells divine. Creme brûlée. But it is a very mellow smell.

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