I can't stand my hair...

Hello :) Sorry for the pessimistic title, but I've been feeling kind of down about my hair.

I used to wear my hair naturally half of last year, and always before then. But I always despised it. It used to be straight, but when I hit puberty, it turned into ringlets. Well, because I usually try to embrace whatever I have, I learned (very well) how to manage it. I never had frizz, got the right haircuts, used the right products, the right techniques... But I can't stand the overall natural look. I hate the fullness, and I hate reaching up and feeling spirals. I've always just wanted to feel silky hair, and am always envious when I read about soft hair like that in a book or something XD

For almost a year now, I've worn my hair completely straight. I don't cut it, but I think if I got it cut for a straight look, it would look a little better. I just think I look so much more attractive with straight/wavy hair. Usually I flatiron it stick straight, then braid it, so I obtain uniform braids.

Does anyone else feel like this? It seems like everyone eventually accepts what they've got, but I can't stand my curly hair. I don't want to see it, so immediately after showering, I stick it in a braid.

I've been seriously considering getting my hair straightened, with a Japanese Thermal Reconditioning. It's permanent, and since I wear my hair straight every day anyways, it would be less work. I'm just afraid of any possible side effects.

Any advice? Thanks :) My hair is 3b, by the way.


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    Kitchan, I'm not sure this is going to help you at all, but I just posted a thread asking how to get more ringlets! it's in this same forum. I really want ringlets a lot! Why do you not like them so much?

    Sorry - I think we always wish for what we don't have.
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