Sally's Duo That Play Nice Together...

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I know it it ain't broke, I shouldn't try to fix it, but as much as I love my KCKT/KCCC combo, my pocketbook doesn't at the rate we go through it in our house(4 people using it, all daily washers/stylers).
So, while at Sally's today I intended on purchasing the AS I AM line, but I was looking at the price, and I figured, if i'm buying this, I might as stick with what I love. Makes sense. Well, right above the AS I AM was Eden Peppermint Tea Tree Milk, and a few shelves below was the trusty EcoStyler.

Now I LOVE tea tree and peppermint, so I figured, lets give it a try. I mixed a bit on my hand at the store. Surprise! No white residue! I couldn't wait to give it a go. After my shower I put the milk in my hair, added the ecostyler, and viola, NO WHITE RESIDUE(a heavy handed stylers dream!)
Now just to wait and see how my hair reacts to it after a few uses. I hope it works, because the total cost was $15(I got the HUGE tub of ecostyler).
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