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Help!!! I want to loosen my curls! Not lose it!!

TsukiTsuki Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi there, it's my first time posting, so please help if you can. my hair type is 3b and slightly 3a. It's medium in width and when curled is about an inch or so above my shoulder.

In high school i used to relax my hair often seeing as the late 90's favored straight hair. But as i got older I missed my curls. The problem was that once i decided i would no longer relax my hair, i ended up with an uneven texture and damaged hair. So finally in July of '08 i decided the hell with it and i cut off all my hair...leaving only about 2 inches from the root.

my hair doesn't grow fast at all....and 4 years later, once straighten my hair is about an inch past my shoulders and when curled is about an inch above. I'm actually really happy about it, for the first time I'm learning to embrace my natural curls and I feel like i have more flexibility in styling my hair then i ever did.

So now you must wonder why I'm here. well, as much as i love the curls.....i hate the frizz that tags along with it. So lately I've been considering loosening up my curls. I'm seriously confused as to what kinda treatment to use, because i refuse to have my hair come out bone straight and lose my curls forever. I'm not going back to 4 years ago or my teenage years. I've heard of Karinten treatment and as of late I've heard more bad then good about it. Not to mention that about a couple of years ago i had gotten it done. Not only did it not last but it did nothing for my curls at all.

If any of you have any advice what so ever please let me know. Thank you so much for reading this!


  • CPER137CPER137 Posts: 8Registered Users
    Please don't ever do keratin, take it from me :( I had gorgeous curls but being that my husband loved straight, I did the keratin 2x :( much to my desperation of being straight my hair was so fine and thin it had no volume or bounce it just laid there. Now it's been almost a yr and my hair dresser hates my hair, and I hate the fact that my curl pattern is gone I can't even tell you what's going on.. I say try to go to a curly girl salon and ask what can be done.. I hope it helps
  • whirlyhairwhirlyhair Posts: 194Registered Users
    Do NOT do the Keratin treatment or relaxers anymore! It'll only damage your hair again!

    If you want to loosen the curls (but not lose it), do this: After washing your hair, put in some hair gel (comb everything DOWNWARD and don't scrunch!) and with a few hair clips, clip them on the ends of your hair to weigh each curl down. Do not touch the hair as it dries. Once it's dry, your hair will form a crystal cast. Do not panic. Just take off the clips, gently shake your head from side to side, and (gently) scrunch your hair to soften up the gel cast.

    Hope this helps!
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  • kurlygurlykurlygurly Posts: 644Registered Users
    I think you need to first learn how to properly take care of your hair. If after 4 years your hair is only brushing shoulder length, you have issues that are preventing length and those are probably the reasons for the frizz.

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  • ana415ana415 Posts: 6Registered Users
    OK HOW did you straighten your hair before? I need to know! I am looking for a way to loosen or (better yet) straighten my hair permanently. I need these curls gone once and for all!

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