Hair seems to FRIZZ all the time as it grows, why?

Again i am new so forgive me if i do this wrong =/

My hair reaches my shoulders in some areas and almost reaches it in others, i big chopped like 6 months ago.

I used to use "hair rules" line until my hair grew longer . then it seemed like my hair didnt like it anymore, my hair is usually frizzy or poofy like i got out of a hot shower.. No matter what i do. Are there ANY products that help with this? Oils? ( almond oil grapeseed oil etc havent tried them tho ) I tried olive oil.. No go lol.
I will say that i tried sheamoistures again and love it now. Have been using it a week. Very very moisturizing. But i STILL get frizz when it is dry. I also use eco styler that doesnt seem to stop frizz. I've tried putting it in soaking wet hair, 80% air dry hair. etc. still frizzy.

Do i need more protein? Like.. Aphogee protein treatment? ( something like that) i heard it helps with frizzy, unsure though. Im 3B-3C hair type
ANy advice would help. =-/:oops::oops: