Proctor & Gamble Testing practices- this is promising

I try my best to use only products from companies that do not test on animals. This usually means leaving out many products from larger corporations. I was recently looking at the Proctor Gamble (PG) website and found a promising page.
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It looks as if the company is trying to eliminate animal testing in their products. I do realize that they have such a wide array of items they make that extends beyond hair products and some are required by law to be tested on animals. I also realize that many ingredients and products have been tested on animals in the past so the tests are no longer necessary. For hair products they are the company behind such brands as Herbal Essences & Aussie.

The fact that they are endorsed by the HSUS is very promising. And it isn't corporate hype either. On the HSUS page here /home/leaving?" class="Popup it mentions the award and PG.

The Unilever company (Suave etc) has similar statements about reducing testing on their website but has not received any awards or endorsements from anyone.

This doesn't mean I'm going to jump on the PG bandwagon and buy all their products. But I won't feel as guilty when I want to try a product they make (I.E. Herbal Essences gels that get so many raves here!)
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