Still confused about porosity...

So I've tried a couple of the porosity tests, and I got opposite results. When sliding my fingers from end to root, I did get some squeakiness, although the hair did not feel rough. I believe this is supposed to indicate high porosity. However, my hair floated forever in a cup of water, indicating low porosity. I know from experience that my hair, at least sometimes, takes a long time to process - when I have bleached in the past (I know, slap on the wrist), I have been told that my hair "takes forever to lift," and tends to stay in the orange range for longer than most people's. Maybe that last part is just being Irish with a bit of red in my hair anyway...

At any rate, it seems like porosity is one of the more important factors in deciding on hair products/routines, so I'd like to figure this out. For what it's worth, my hair seems to be 3a on the bottom layers with 2c canopy.

2c, 3a, something like that... Curl-curious?


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    Actually, running fingers from root to tip yielding smoothness and possible squeak is a sign of low porosity hair. It means that the cuticle is tight or compact.
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    Oh! Guess I had that reversed - thanks!
    2c, 3a, something like that... Curl-curious?