Long Haircuts...?

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Okay, so I have always wanted to have long hair (my mom says that when I was an infant I would put pillow cases on top of my head and pretend it was my hair)lol, however, curly hair takes longer to grow because of the shrinkage and what not and finally this year (i'm 19) it reached the length i want it to be, which is around the lower part of my back, yay!! :wav:
However this year I also discovered NC and I'm starting to learn to love my curls and trying to make them healthy again (after an accidental keratin treatment, dryness, florida's humidity and sun, and horrible ends) I'm gonna get a haircut as soon as I can get an appointment at a Ouidad certified Salon near my home.
Thus, I've read articles and watched 8 pages of pictures with my 3a kind of hair to see if I could get pictures to show the stylist as reference only find out that none of the styles shown were what I wanted for mine. Basically I want to keep my hair as long as possible but at the same time have a cute face frame like side bangs (not straightened) or a fusion between a curly bob (love the front and how it makes a frame around peoples faces) and long hair.
I'm not sure if I'm making sense or if it is reasonable to want a long haircut as it defeats the purpose of the cut in general? :dontknow:
If anyone finds a long 3a cute haircut, please, please, please post a picture below!!!