My 2nd attempt at color

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Hi ladies :)

I'm gonna be coloring my hair (again) real soon & this time around I need things to end differently. I'm not one to do color at home so I always go to my stylist, but my only issue with the 1st time I colored was, even though my hair grew out fine, no breakage to speak of, my ends were SUPER dry where most of my color would be while my roots grew out.

This time around I really wanna keep my ends in better shape than the last.

Any tips product-wise for keeping my ends moist? (p.s. Im from the caribbean, i.e. CRAZY-HIGH humidity, i.e. Id prfer to stay away from glycerin for when Im doing my twist outs)

And ALSO, when u have color treated hair, are your DC's supposed to be protein treatments, or moisturizing treatments? I really want my hair to stay healthy this time.


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    Did you color your whole hair at once? I'm not sure if its just for at home color but you should put the color more towards the middle because the ends are older and it doesn't take as long to process also not so close to the roots because the heat from your scalp will speed up the coloring, resulting in uneven color.

    The only thing I can think of it moisturizing the ends more often with a good conditioner.Try to save the the conditioner the hair color in the box comes with or ask your stylist for recommendations.
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    Moisture and protein are a balance not just one or the other. Try dc'ing with Aubrey organically GPB (moisture and protein in 1 conditioner) with coconut or vatika oil. If you notice decreased moisture and curl add protein. If your curls are fine but no moisture and done shedding add moisture.

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