I'm not sure if my hair is damaged or not

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I have been flat ironing my semi-coarse 3a hair for about 10 years just because I prefer it straight. I had no problems with it until the other day I thought I would try a curling iron on it after it was straightened to try to get loose curls. It was a rather old Hot Tools iron. I got kind of cute curls, but they flattened after a while. HOWEVER, the next day I saw short hairs (a lot of them) in the sink - I felt around my hair and 2 spots I was able to just break off! I've never had damaged hair before, and I had no signs of it before.

I decided to go back curly and use deep conditioning and lots of moisture, but some of my curls are straight. I figured that was from straightening them for so long. My hair still is shiny, mostly curly except for some -- does this mean my hair is damaged and I have to stop flat ironing it? Because it is only 2" below my chin and looks horrible curled (gets really short), and since I am older it has thinned a bit. I feel that I cannot walk around like this! I just want to stay in the house. I have a black-tie wedding (my neice's) in Chicago to go to in a month and I am definitely flat ironing my hair for that!

Do you all think my hair is damaged or do you think that the curling iron was old and it broke some of my hair off?

I'm really scared about this. I need help.
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    With hair color trends constantly changing, there is no surprise that many of us are suffering from severely chemically damaged hair. When you add in heat-styling, tight hairstyles, and poor haircare routine habits, you’re sure to get stuck in a damaged hair rut. It’s important to understand the main causes and repair chemically damaged hair and that cab be through in-salon treatments that will help, and learn about an arsenal of the right products and tips to win your healthy hair back with a repair of chemically damaged hair. Here are the causes and tips on how to repair chemically damaged hair.

    Drastically changing your hair from dark to light will cause damage if your stylist isn’t taking it slow with sessions over a period of time. When hair is bleached, UV rays and other environmental stressors will suck out all of the moisture in your strands, leaving hair dry and frayed.  Continuous bleaching is one more cause for severely damaged hair

    If you’re using heat styling tools too often, avoiding a heat protectant, or if you keep the heat setting too high, chances are your hair will be more prone to breakage, especially if it’s colored. 

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