Something I Noticed

Back in the day when I used silicone conditioners, I noticed 2 products had this effect on my hair.

Aussie Volumizing and HE Hello Hydration.

When I would rinse conditioner out of my hair, it was like my hair liked it and I could feel curls... like it brought the curls to life.

I am hoping that is what curls feel like... (don't have a protien conditioner yet).

With other conditioners, I never had this happen, my hair would remain straight and wet as I put my fingers through it as I rinse the conditioner out.

So in the first part, did that mean my hair liked it or what?

Would it help to look for similiar ingriedients like I think Hello Hydration has coconut milk.. does it might mean my hair likes coconut milk or something like that?

Or is it just the conditioner itself?