Finally trying to embrace the natural look, any help appreciated

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This is a copy from my post in the newbie section.

I've been fighting and defying my natural hair for the longest time. Ever since I was little I have never been able to figure out what to do to my hair so I always turned to the famous ponytail. I've always felt like it was just a poofy unmanageable mess on the top of my head so I wanted to hide it the best I could, but then I discovered the flat iron. I became addicted, but I was also lazy so my hair would bounce back and forth between heavy heat damage or tightly bound hair ties. I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to give up the flat iron yet but I want to learn more about managing the natural and maybe I can convert to a full timer. I wanted to include some photos, one is of my hair fresh out of the shower, another after I just purchased a diffuser and was testing it out with some gels and creams, and another from when I used mousse along with a small bit of sleek and shine then twisted sections and clipped them then let them airdry.

I think I'm in the 2 family, my hair curls slightly in some places but not enough for me to believe I'd be in the 3's. I know for sure that my porosity and density are high and my hair is coarse.

I'm sorry for the long post but any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm tired of being frustrated with my hair.


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    I'm new here, so by no means an expert. I just wanted to say I felt the same way about my waves and I completely relied on my pony tail. I have been cg for six months and I proudly wear my hair down all the time now. I still have alot to learn and my hair can have better days I think, but I love it now. And it feels awesome to love my hair after fighting it so long. Try curly girl method and go from there :-)

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