For those who buy soap bars...

I want to give soap bars a chance again on my hair. Does anyone on here buy soap bars in their local area? I know I can do CV or get them from Kathymack but I find that I am very sensitive to smells so it is easiest for me to find them in person.

Anyone with experience?
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    Whole Foods has several great natural soap bars and JR Liggett's Shampoo Bars.

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    I bought a shampoo bar on Etsy and it comes in an unscented version. It is a sulfate free synthetic shampoo bar.

    I also bought a soap shampoo bar at my farmers market which has all local vendors.
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    My hair is wavy/curly and I really like the Bobeam shampoo bars on Etsy. There is a long thread on 4A that will give you good info. What you might like in particular is they are very mildly scented, I can't even detect much scent at all. They just smell natural to me. The owner, Laquita, is a sweetheart!

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    Not to steal this thread but just curious. I've been wondering about shampoo bars and how they're used and what the perks are

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    Kathymack still sells them and I am sure she can help you find the right bar. None I have ordered from her are highly scented.