Queraliss: Great Results!(with pics!)

DinoskaDinoska Posts: 3Registered Users
Researching Keratin Treatments and Brazilian blowouts since 2007. I heard all the stories good and bad and was close to do it once before with QOD but I backed out.

See, as I have been obssessed with my 3a/3b curls since I was 4 I have noticed that summer is the worst time for my hair. I have new growth and the humidity does not help in the least, so I walk around with my hair being a puffy mess. That is when I was really tempted to get a Brazilian Blowout done. Soon into my research it would be autumn and my hair would calm down a lot so I was back to being overall content with it.

This year I decided to go blonde, a big step considering I have brown/black hair and I knew that it needed a little TLC. I took excelent care of it and got nothing more than the few split ends that you would expect. My hair was shiny, soft, and utterly unmanageable. I could only wear it in braids or buns. Pony tails looked horrid, not to mention I still had a color correction for brassy tones to get done.

Enter QBS's Queraliss. This thing is WONDERFUL, it has all the effects of a formaldehyde heavy treatments but none of the cons.

Let me break it down:

1. Application: Quick and easy. I have BSL hair and it took my stylist a little under 3 hours to finish.

2. Fumes: Very very very minimal. It only fumed a bit stingy when it was first applied on my hair then the fumes disappeared and when it was flat ironed (@ 375 Degrees on my very processed hair) it was very little. It also smells like pina colada.

3. Setting Period: You can wash it out after 48 hours but I decided to wait 72. My stylist had me come in every day to flat iron the sweat, kinks, and drool I might have gotten on it.

4. Results: I got it washed yesterday and then blow dried it. It feels great and baby soft. The curl has relaxed down to a pretty S pattern but I have not seen my full head yet, just the front.



I will post pictures of my hair (mostly) air dried over the weekend. I am happy to answer any questions.


  • zalimzalim Posts: 52Registered Users
    It looks really smooth in the after pic. I would love to see your hair when it's air dried too.

    Where are you located? Where is this new product available? I know it's not in Canada.
  • DinoskaDinoska Posts: 3Registered Users
    I'm in Central America, the land of lax chemical control and super strong hair treatments. Queraliss has Facebook page which I can't access at the moment, but I will later and ask about Canada.

    I'm just ITCHING to wash my hair and let it air dry, but I've been too lazy. I have really dry hair and if I don't work-out a blow-out can last me as much as two weeks and I fall into the trap of rolling out of bed half an hour before going to work because all I have to do is paw at my hair for it to look good. My hairstylist also told me that there was no problem putting this in the ocean or in chlorine. I trust her and if she says so it must be true. I will soon be testing the veracity of the claim.

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