needs help with curls please

hi, im new and really need all your advice.
after fighting my curly hair for years i have finally learned to love them and wear them to the max.
i have 3b (i think) and have not used shampoo for over 6 months. it really worked for a while and i had lovely defined plump and smooth curls but lately my hairs gone dry and brittle and impossible to leave natural without it turning into a big frizzball.
i use herbal essences 'its a curl thing' conditioner
schwarzkopf smoothing milk
every 3-4 weeks use ogon oil (leave in over night)
only use a wide tooth comb too

please help i want my curls back!!


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    Welcome, hannarr! There could be many reasons that you are experiencing difficulty. I'm not familiar with the products you are using but there may be some silicones that are causing build-up. When your hair gets covered/clogged with silicone, moisture can't get in. You may want to clarify with a gentle sulfate shampoo, do a deep treatment to get some moisture in and be cautious about avoiding silicones. Going full curly girl is great for some but for it to be successful, you need to completely give up silicone.
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    Try an apple cider vinegar rinse between shampoos but before conditioner. It will remove build up, enhance curls and is not drying like shampoo. Also try a silicone serum. It will help smooth frizz and increase moisture retention.

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