will wearing my hair straight on occasion ruin my waves?

greytmommygreytmommy Registered Users Posts: 125 Curl Neophyte
Just wondering if I straighten my hair on occasion, will it horribly ruin my wave pattern?

Is this something I can do occasionally w/o ruining my hair and the wave/curl progress I have made?
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  • SweetSquatchiiSweetSquatchii Registered Users Posts: 138
    I've been wondering this too. I'd like to try ONCE in a blue moon but not if it will hurt.
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  • JennifermcbrideJennifermcbride Registered Users Posts: 4
    I have read that doing a blow out or using a straightening iron will interrupt your curl pattern. However, several curly friends have done both occasionally w/o issue. It probably depends on the strength of your curls.
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  • Corrina777Corrina777 Registered Users Posts: 3,204 Curl Connoisseur
    I've seen a few of the ladies in the Facebook Wavy Hair Community do occasional straightening without issues. Frequent straightening can cause issues (primarily because of heat damage). You might want to consider using a silicone heat protectant, only because I have yet to read of anyone finding a CG alternative that protects hair as well from heat.

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  • StellarCurlsStellarCurls Registered Users Posts: 159 Curl Connoisseur
    The temperature you style at matters as well. Try to use a medium setting instead of high.
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  • rymorg2rymorg2 Registered Users Posts: 2,571
    I'm a wurly stylist.

    I'm modified, with the occasional sulfate as well as occasional cones. I do straighten very infrequently. I very rarely will flat iron (on lower temps and definitely with cones to protect) but sometimes I'll round brush. I get less disruption of my wurls with a round brush than a flat iron which makes sense because a flat iron flattens your hair out...literally. I wouldn't say that it ruins my wurls or totally disrupts them at all, but I'm not willing to take that chance so it's infrequent. I get MORE disruption from coloring than I ever get from round brushing. So no more highlights for me.

    Look at it this way....if you were doing it daily or weekly before, and have cut back, the infrequent once in awhile won't be as disruptive.
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  • Libra_MoonLibra_Moon Registered Users Posts: 255
    I only straighten about once or twice a year. I used to straighten every day, I now deal with sections of my hair that will not wave when scrunched.
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  • HairObsessedHairObsessed Registered Users Posts: 138 Curl Connoisseur
    I straighten my weak waves every once in a while with a round brush or a flat iron. Maybe once every 2 months. It really hasn't affected my waves at all.

    One of my heat protectants only has a water soluble silicone in it (as far as 'cones go), though I'm not sure what brand it is, and it works well.
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  • wxgirlcurlwxgirlcurl Registered Users Posts: 125
    I flat iron my hair maybe once or twice a month depending on my mood and I haven't noticed any damage... actually I have found my wave/curl pattern to be improving over time but that is likely because of my modified CG method and a decent cut. Everyone's hair has different tolerances so you may want to proceed with caution. The only thing that has ruined my hair has been colouring and highlighting.

    To straighten my hair I condition wash and use leave in then make sure to thoroughly spray my hair with heat protectant (tresumme naturals heat tamer spray) and let my hair air dry to its natural state. Then I just section out pieces and flat iron them (usually takes 30min). I try to only use one heat source. Eg I'll pick either the blow dryer or the flat iron to do the straightening not both. BTW the Tresumme naturals heat tamer spray has a cone in it but I have no trouble with it while being on a Modified CG routine (condition only but sulfate once a month).
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  • CurlyJuliaCurlyJulia Registered Users Posts: 38
    I find that even doing a PT/DT without scrunching my hair causes the 2c waves (in the front and sides) to straighten out. I can't imagine what I'd have to do to get my curlz back if I was to round brush it - and I've never flat ironed it (though the stylist I went to before CG used to do some of that).

    So I would say, yes, it's possible to mess up your hair with that. However, my hair is medium, high porosity (I think, given the color damage). YMMV and all that.
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