Whats my texture?

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Hey guys! I am currently 9 Months post relaxer and I will be cutting my relaxed ends in 2 WEEKS!! I am so excited and anxious... but a good anxious! Ive been slowly cutting my hair and not that its above my shoulders I can really see what my hair MIGHT be like.
What do you guys think is my hair type?







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    Can't tell til the relaxed hair is gone sorry
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    Curlycutie is right. Unfortunately you won't be able to accurately tell what hair type you may be until the relaxer is gone. The relaxed hair is pulling/stretching your curls down so you may have to just wait it out or cut the relaxed hair off a small section that you can easily hide in with rest of your hair. That way, you can see how your hair behaves without that long relaxed piece hanging off it.
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    You can't tell EXACTLY what your hair type is because of the relaxed ends, but considering how it looks now, I'm going to take a guesstimate and say it's somewhere in the 3B/3C/4A range. Good luck on your journey and come back to ask this when you do the big chop in 2 weeks so we can give you a definite answer.

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    Will do!
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    Relaxed ends are going to pull your hair down . Right now it looks 3B / 3C but it'll probably be 3C/4A :)

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