Total mousse fail??

sarstangsarstang Registered Users Posts: 37
So what on earth did I do wrong here?

I co washed with sn tropical coconut, ro'ed tn and then did a tiny amount of sn as a LI and a little creme brûlée in there too. (that was definitely a bad idea since the few point was like 35 today)

I then put in a decent palmful of hett, raked and scrunched it, then used a flour sack to scrunch out
The extra moisture, plopped for about 10 minutes while I got dressed, then scrunched in a smaller amount of hett. Then I started to diffuse, did one round around my head and put in a little more hett. Did another round of diffusing and let air dry the rest of the way.

My hair hasn't looked this limp since my pre-cg days!

Help a girl out.. Does my hair just hate hett? Bad technique? Too much/ too little mousse? It didn't dry crunchy at all. Tomorrow I am going back to gel for sure. maybe someone can chime in with a better mousse solution for me. :)

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