Naturals Who Transitioned: When did you figure out your hair type??

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Were you able to tell during your transition what your hair type was? If so, at what month? Or was your hair type different when you big chopped than what you thought it would be when you transitioned? If so, how different? Also, did your hair type progressively change as time passed since your big chop? Just curious ;-)
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  • SherylsTressesSherylsTresses Posts: 8Registered Users
    i noticed at 3 months post. I was stretching for next relaxer and fell in love with my natural texture.
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    I recently donated blood and always strongly felt that I would have B blood. Turned out, I really did have B+ blood. So now, before I even BC, get this feeling that my hair will be a mixture of type 4B/4A because I assumed it was. I'm psychic, y'all.

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    Anyway, I didn't know until I chopped. My relaxed hair elongated my curls I think. Oh actually, I cut off a small section of relaxed hair because I was impatient to see my texture! But then when I big chopped I realised it was different all over my head, so I didn't learn much from the early chop.
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    I had some idea because even when I was relaxed a section of my 8 week newgrowth would be tight curls. And my mom had told me I had tight curls since I don't remember pre-chemical childhood hair much. But like Jo said I didn't realize the mix of patterns all over my head until I bc'ed. Actually until I bc'ed and learned how to keep my hair moisturized.
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