Any wavies have non-crispy product recommendations?

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Hi fellow wavies!

I am currently "recovering" from over-proteining my tresses and the GVP conditioning balm is working wonders.

However, I wanted to check with you guys to see if anyone has any non-crispy product recommendations. I currently use HETTM, but it does get slightly crispy at times. However, I feel as if I need to use enough of it to coat my hair, otherwise I get little frizzy fly-aways.

From what I can tell, my hair doesn't respond terribly well to gel. I have some KCCC and I'm not crazy about its effect on my hair. I have also tried HETTG and it didn't feel so hot either. I'd prefer to be able to get my products at Wal-mart, but since there's not one close to me at my new home in PR, I think this is going to push me even further to online shopping.

All that having been said, what can I use on my 2b, high porosity hair that has a straight underneath in the middle of the back of it? TIA!!


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    Well I've heard good things about Suave Captivating Curls Mousse, since you said you're using a mousse right now. The only down side is that it has a cone in it, but if you low-poo occasionally it shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to get that next, even if it's not CG because of the great reviews.

    I've been using a gel for awhile now, Mixed Silks curly gel, and I like it. It's more of a jelly product and I use it to take away the crunch from other products. It's like it softens or cancels out the crunch effect some gels can have. It's a light hold so you may need something else with it (mousse works well).
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    I like auntie bubbs fsg and Goddess curls . The Goddess Curls are at Sally Beauty.
    Fine cherub curls. LUS brand user. That's all I need!
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    Sexy Curly Hair has a curling creme that is really good and leaves your hair looking soft, like you didn't put anything at all in it, but still has some hold. It's kind of pricey at $16 but you can find it at Walmart or a local salon.

    I use a spray gel and I know you said you don't like gels but i'll tell you about it anyway because it's not crunchy at all. I have VERY thick hair and a lot of it and this stuff holds my curls all day long and it feels like I put nothing in it. It's the Pantene Curl enhancing spray gel. It also smells amazing! My favorite styling product so far.
  • angelita23angelita23 Registered Users Posts: 25
    Thanks for your recommendations, guys! :) I live in PR, so I tried to find some of those in Walmart, but the selection here isn't the hottest. But, I found a gel (imagine that!) at Sally's that is AMAZING! I'm going to post another thread about it to tell everyone, b/c I've not heard anyone talk about it. It's the Naturelle Hypoallergenic Gel. There are no 'cones, parabens or anything. It has a lot of good, natural oils and it leaves my hair feeling so great!

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