Have KCCC, KCKT, Jessicurl, BRHG for sale

curlymommacurlymomma Registered Users Posts: 296
Alas, kckt does nothing for me, and I can't handle the fairly strong scent of the KCCC :( and JC was frizz city. So I have:

Kinky Curly Curling Custard, full. $12
Kinky Curly Knot Today, full. $8 (or both for $20)
Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, full 4 oz bottle. $5
Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets & Confident Coils, full 2 oz bottles, unscented. $5/ea

Prices negotiable or will swap for Curl Junkie anything, or Curly Kinks stuff. Shipping calculated by your zip, and if you buy more than one item, you get a discount. Thanks for looking!


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Wash: CJ Daily Fix
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Curl Enhancer: SS CEJ
Styler: KCCC, CK Coil Jam, SS FHG
Deep Conditioner: CK Curlycue Renew, CK Curl Fix
Color: I use henna to achieve a rich black cherry/deep burgundy


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    Just sent you a PM on the Jessicurl items.

    ...i'm supersonic
    **sophisticated ignorance, I type my cuss words in cursive**

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  • hondo1hondo1 Registered Users Posts: 54
    I'd take the KCCC and the BRHG for $15. Plus whatever shipping turns out to be. Zip 07078

    Thanks! Let me know if this works for you.
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    3A/B, Medium Texture, Normal Porosity & Elasticity
    Semi big chop Sept, 2012 (lost 8 inches) and still trying to figure out a workable routine.
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    Stylers: Curl Keeper, SM Curl & Style Milk, CJ Curl Queen, CJ Pattern Pusha, UF Curly Magic

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