Wavy Hair Stylist in New York City or Long Island

Can anyone with wavy hair or curly hair reccommend a good hair stylist in New York City or Long Island, other than Devachan.

I feel that Devachan doesn't give me volume that I need. It looks great when I leave the salon but I can't maintain the look.

Please let me know. I need a haircut!


Scorpio Curls


  • coolonecoolone Posts: 44Registered Users
    How about asking a Devachan stylist to teach you how to use the DevaSun dryer? Would that make it easier to achieve the look that you can't reproduce on your own? I can't reproduce the look full bodied look either with clips? HTH
  • ScorpiocurlsScorpiocurls Posts: 29Registered Users
    I just don't see the value of the expensive Devachan dryer. I think the price is insane. No dryer is worth that kind of money. I wonder if it really works that well. The reviews I have read don't seem that promising.

    Scorpio Curls