1 year of CG, 6 inches of undamaged hair

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So I made it a year. It's been a learning experience, especially after months and months of trying to find something new after GFTN got cone-ified.

I think I'm learning what my actual hair is like. The stuff that has never seen straightening, brushing, styling, pulling, cones, sulfates, etc. I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's different from the heat damaged stuff. That part soaks up moisture and responds well to protein. But, I think my natural hair has somewhat different properties having never been beaten senselessly. It seems a little more protein sensitive and I tend to over-moisturize at my roots now. Can't seem to find a good mix and get even waves all over. Either the short layers and top part is happy and the ends turn to frizz, or my hair feels wet and greasy but curls nicely at the ends.

Is this why people do a big chop? I don't think I have long enough hair for that... not really a short-hair person. Tried it once and it was ok, but I like my hair long overall and full of layers.

Suggestions or empathy welcome! :]
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    Apply heavier doses of protein and conditioners to your ends and away from your roots, lighter products to your roots closer to your scalp.

    Yes, this is a reason for the BC. Good luck, you will get past this.
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    My hair at the moment I went CG was SUPER long. In fact, it was a little over two feet long! After a few weeks of being CG I could totally notice a difference and I loved it. But then I started paying attention to my roots and new growth and realized just how strong the curl pattern was there vs the ends. No matter how much I DT and PT those ends, they just wouldn't spring to life like the new growth was. I knew it was due to a lifetime of heat damage and a lot of coloring treatments too. I had hoped I could save it long enough to not do a BC but after a few weeks it got to the point where every time I looked in the mirror, I could see where the damaged hair began and it drove me nuts.

    Some people are lucky and can restore most of the heat damaged and old cone/sulfate treated hair and don't have to do a BC, but I wasn't that lucky. However, having said that, it was the best decision I made. I found a stylist, and cut off 22"! I'm glad I did because it's super healthy looking, products seem to work better than before for me and it's actually a lot curlier than before. I think it's due to cutting off some of the 'dead weight' and getting the old waves taken off to allow what was growing into take its shape.

    It's a tough decision but if you are okay with doing a BC then go for it. If not I'd agree with raindear. That might actually prove to have better results than doing a BC.

    HTH and good luck!

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