Is there a Link to this I just cant find

This is all confusing, I get the co-wash I have tried the bs/acv yesterday.
How do you know if you need more than 1 cond. at a time, I see some use many at once. One to clean one to rinse out I guess.
some use protein, clarify, leave in, how do I know if I need all these or when to use or when to use in a combo.
Thanks so much
Curl Pattern- 2a/2b few 2c underneath
Porosity-after 4 min floated- low porosity (idk I dont think its right)
Density- med
Length- med/long
colored treated hair-damage from color and heat products

oily top/ very dry middle to ends

frizzy-coarse-sort of thick and thin

used bs/acv felt dry tangled
co wash with vo5 clarify kiwi
ro tres nat.
style La looks/ coconut oil
Looking for low poo to try

Thyroid Hypo 16yrs (doesnt help the hair)
Hard water (has filter but still doesnt help)


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    The first thing you should do (if you haven't already) is determine your hair properties (texture, porosity, etc- curl pattern really has nothing to do with products). There are some general guidelines once you know your properties, but ultimately there's still a good element of trial and error involved.

    In general, hair that is finer in texture and/or higher in porosity does well with protein. If your hair feels dry, add more moisture. I'm one of the people who uses 2 different conditioners when I co-wash because my scalp gets oily and sweaty so I need something very light for my roots. But the length of my hair still needs additional moisture, so I use a richer conditioner as my RO. Sometimes people with finer textured hair also find that they cannot co-was exclusively, so they rotate in a low-poo or even a gentle sulfate shampoo as needed. CG is less about following a strict set of rules than it is about learning how to make your hair look and feel its best. I know how overwhelming all of the information can be at first, but eventually it will feel like second nature.

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    You can check our Texture Types pages to learn more about your porosity, etc.

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