Denman D3 Brush For Waves

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My product junkie senses are tingling again. :sad1: And it's in the form of a brush!

Denman D3 Brush - CurlMart

This seems very popular with type 3s and 4s, but have any of you wavies tried it before? What's it like? Did it reduce the frizz? What did it do in terms of volume? Curl enhancement? Did it detangle well?

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    I picked one up at Sally's about a month ago during a PJ binge. I use the Denman on soaking wet hair to distribute product and encourage clumps. I always finger comb first, then use a wide tooth comb to get out the major tangles, and then I follow with the Denman. It feels a little grabby to me if I don't use the comb first. I haven't noticed any change in frizzies or volume, though.
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    I just started using the Denman last week, and I really like it for root volume. I do my normal shower routine, detangling with a wide tooth comb, etc. At the very end, I flip my head over and use the Denman to brush my hair upside down. I then do a kind of modified Ice Queen method (warm instead of cold water) to get the clumps going.

    I did modify the brush too, in case that makes a difference for you. I pulled out two rows of teeth.

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