Just started CG and looking for input!

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Hi everybody! :-) I just started following the CG method last week and am very happy so far! My only complaint at this point is that I've noticed it takes WAY longer for my hair to fully dry (like 4-6 hours!). I've long banned hot tools from my hair, so my drying and style routine is almost the same as before except that instead of plopping/air drying/hair spray I'm doing my stylers in soaking wet hair/plopping/air drying. I was wondering if this is something anybody else experienced when they started? Could it perhaps be that I've started applying stylers to wet hair and it is now taking longer to absorb? I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm currently using GF Pure Clean gel and the smoothing cream as stylers, co washing with Suave Naturals (the coconut variety) and using Tresemme Naturals as my rinse out.

My other question is how often do you ladies like to co wash? I have to admit that I'm kind of a clean hair freak and getting off the routine of "cleaning" my hair often is hard, so I'm co washing about every other day. Is this too much?
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finally went CG! 08/18/12 :hello1::occasion7:

co wash: suave naturals tropical coconut
rinse out: tresemme naturals
stylers: GF pure clean smoothing cream & gel

still learning and experimenting :flower:


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    GF Pure Clean gel is notorious for horribly increasing drying time.

    As for how often to co-wash, it comes down to personal preference. I still cleanse my hair pretty much daily, whether it's co-wash, low-poo or a gentle sulfate shampoo. Some people might not cleanse, but might water wash and use their rinse out conditioner. Co-washing daily will definitely not damage your hair- what you will actually want to watch for are signs of over-conditioning. If that starts to happen, just rotate in a low-poo as needed. CG isn't about hard and fast rules as much as it's about learning how to treat your hair so it looks and feels its best.

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