Hair Spray for curls to stay curly?

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I have been having this problem ever since I went natural and my hair started to get long years ago. I have 3c hair. I usually co-wash etc, leave in (Giovanni direct-leave in) and a styler (Shea moisture or Quick Curls). Sometimes I blow dry wtih a diffuser and sometimes I air dry. It looks great until I go out side and its humid. My hair gets frizzy and falls (I like volume in my hair) I found this hair spray from Giovanni (I use the direct leave-in conditioner that I love) so i tried it. It holds the curls but my hair still kinda falls and the next day my hair is extra dry.

My question is, what is the best thing to keep curly hair from failling and loosing curl when its humid? I live in Philadelphia and even in the Winter time, it is always humid in the morning and I walk to work. Any thoughts or ideas? I hate having my hair look good only in my house.



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    Have you tired gel?

    Blame it on the cell phone...

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