Awesome Stylist in Tomball, TX (the woodlands, spring, magnolia, north houston)

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Allison @ Creative Designing Team
926 W Main St, Tomball, TX
(281) 351-9904 ‎

you can see pictures of my current haircut here: CurlTalk - rachelelisabeth's Album: current hair cut

Allison is amazing. when i first visited the salon, i had my hair cut by Kenetha, who is also an excellent stylist. at the time, Allison was apprenticing, and i really appreciated the way she observed as Kenetha cut my hair, wanting to learn everything!

now that she's a full-fledged stylist, she cuts my hair. i went in wanting something really radical and edgy, a sort of faux-hawk style, and she was not intimidated in the least. she took the time to really listen to what i wanted and to really study the pictures i brought. she asked good questions and made a point to mention how my texture was different from some of the pictures and how that would impact things.

needless to say, she has continued to do an impeccable job, and i LOVED the results. the next time i went in, i mentioned a few things that had bugged me about the cut, and she listened and made the perfect adjustments. it's been over a month since she last cut my hair and it has grown out beautifully.

since she is still new, her rates are lower than Kenetha's (which is good for me, since i don't have much money to spare!), but her quality and attention to detail don't reflect a lower price.

the salon is warm and friendly, no snobbiness or high pressure product sales. on any given day you can see women in their 70s having their hair set, or young women getting a fun cut or color. they make you feel welcome and respected.

if you are anywhere near tomball (spring, the woodlands, magnolia, etc.) it would be well worth the drive.

tell them Rachel sent you! :)


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    Thanks for letting the world know about the great stylist you have in Tomball. loves any kind of news that promotes the historic town of Tomball, whether it is about new stylists, great food, or entertainment, we want to share your news!

    We have shared your post on our Facebook page and would love for you to send us any other press releases or notes. Also, be sure to text "Tomball" to 69302 to get access to the only app exclusive to the town of Tomball!

    If your hair dresser would like to list a "flash sale" we can make that happen too. Again, thanks for letting us know about your great experience with a Tomball hair dresser..we look forward to hearing more!

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