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Hello Everyone!

I am new to this website and I am really excited to have found it...

My big chop was two Sundays ago. I started to wear my hair free of bread extensions in the beginning of the summer made some mistakes(dyed hair mahagony and texturized) and decided to start over because I found that my hair was breaking too much!

My goal is to grow my hair as long as possible! I know it is a lot of work. But I am getting a bit discouraged, I went to the barber two Sunday's ago and I am already seeing hair breakage :shock:. I have been using burt's and bee shampoo, giovanni conditioner sometimes sauve, castor oil, shea butter, aloe vera gel, design essential stretch cream and shea moisturizer curl enhancing smoothie. I have been looking at my hair brush and I see hair pieces with white bulbs which is good, but than I see hair pieces that are short and with no white bulbs which is bad! My hair is only around 2 inches long when stretched out!

I know this sounds weird but when the barber was using scissors they did not look professional, they looked dull! I think those scissors are to blame... maybe.

How can my hair be breaking already! :s

HELP ME!, tips, stories! :smilebox:
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    Is your hair low porosity or high?
    You can figure it out by putting a piece of hair found in your comb in a glass of water - wait 2-4 minutes - and if it sinks your hair is high porosity and if it floats it is low porosity. If your hair is low porosity you need to cut back on protein and oil - low porosity hair needs less protein because the hair has a closed cuticle making it less prone to damage. If you apply oil on top of that, it closes your cuticle even more making it very hard for any kind of moisture to absorb into the hair shaft causing it to be dry. Low porosity is the most difficult for moisture to enter into, meaning you need less of things that seal your hair shaft and more things that open it up allowing entrance for moisture. Oil is more for high porosity hair that is difficult to retain moisture so it needs an oil to seal in the moisture.

    I have low porosity hair and, before I knew this, I thought I was doing all of the right things and my hair was always dry and broke off easily. Once I realized that I need less sealing properties on my hair but more moisture I changed up my routine and now I haven't seen breakage in a long time. Amazing thing is my hair stopped breaking almost immediately after I changed up my routine. I also get a lot less shed hair. They say it's normal for hair to shed 50 - 100 pieces a day but I barely get to 50. I love, love, love, Oyin products - Honey Hemp Conditioner, Hair Dew, and Whipped Pudding. But if anything I recommend it's the Honey Hemp Conditioner.

    When you apply it to your hair you need to put a plastic bag over your hair - let the heat open up your low porosity hair and allow your conditioner to be absorbed. Rinse it out with cold water. It does wonder if you use the conditioner in this way. Just applying it in the shower and rinsing it out right away doesn't really do anything for me.
  • nleonpalmer_123nleonpalmer_123 Posts: 7Registered Users
    Thanks for your post!

    I never heard of high and low porosity. I think I do put to much castor oil and such in my hair. I did the test and most of the strand floated. Do you think castor oil is to heavy for low porosity hair? Also what other products should I stay away from?
  • jansonjanson Posts: 36Registered Users
    Castor oil IS pretty thick so I'd cut back on oil and work more on trying to open up your hairs cuticles instead of trying to close them. It's simple to do this - apply a moisture rich conditioner, perhaps one that contains a humectant (a substance that promotes retention of moisture i.e.; honey, glycerin, etc.), on dry hair, wrap your hair in a shower cap/ plastic bag and allow the heat from your head to open up your cuticles in your hair and absorb the moisture. Remember to apply it to dry hair because when your hair is wet it's full of water letting less of whatever is in your conditioner in. After maybe 15-30 min your hair should be wet when you take the bag off. Then rinse out the rest of the conditioner out with cool water (NOT hot). Then maybe you can apply your styling products like gel/ or I'd personally recommend Shea butter instead of Castor oil.

    Everyone's hair is different so you could try this out and see if it works for you. I should note that do humectants are good in humid climates that draw moisture from the air to your hair but it's not good in dry climates because humectants will draw moisture from your hair instead. Don't completely stop using oils or anything but maybe try a new routine instead and see if it works for you first. Oils are great for hair in the wintertime regardless of your hair's porosity (if it gets cold where you live).

    Good luck!

    Thing I would stay away from completely: Silicones.

    Everything else should be used in different ways. Protein if your hair is weak and gummy, moisture if your hair is dry and brittle, oils if your hair isn't retaining moisture, humectants if you're in a humid climate. It's all just learning when to use what. But with lo-po (low-porosity) hair you need to work on opening up your cuticle more so than high porosity hair.

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