getting layers and hair help

curllover28curllover28 Posts: 15Registered Users
My hair is between a 2C and a 3A and I wash it every day, but in the back of my hair about 4 inches from my roots to my curls, the hair is sraight. How can I get it to be curly like the rest of my hair? You should know I only just started allowing my hair to be curly about 4-6 months ago. I use aussie confidently clean shampoo and a conditioner by Great Clips.

Also, would it be good for me to get layers?

By the way I don't usually use product but I am open to suggestions.


  • curllover28curllover28 Posts: 15Registered Users
    by the way, i didn't use to straighten my hair I just brushed it out. That's what I meant by not letting it be curly before
  • MaddieRaeMaddieRae Posts: 2Registered Users
    So you're saying there's a space from roots to where the curls start that is straight? And you want it to be curly at the roots?

    I don't know what styling product you are using, but you might be weighing your hair down which can create that straight section. Try switching over to a mousse or something lighter and really focus on scrunching the product in that section.

    I love layers, but I would only really recommend them on someone with really thick hair. If your hair is medium to thin, it might make your hair look thinner.
    Long, Coarse, 3B hair.
    High Porosity, Very Thick.

    Currently Using:
    Low Poo: Any Suave Naturals Shampoo.
    Treseme Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner.
    Biotera Firm Hold Styling Gel.

    Still trying to find what my hair likes :dontknow:
  • curllover28curllover28 Posts: 15Registered Users
    thanks i will try that
  • forevercurly96forevercurly96 Posts: 44Registered Users
    I have 3b/c hair and I have layers and a bang so i don't see why you can't.

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