I got a bowl cut so my hair will grow even...but how long will for chin length?

beeboopbeeboop Posts: 14Registered Users
I have fast growing hair.. an inch a month or close to it. I want long hair NOW so of course my fast growing hair is growing fast enough.. does rosemary oil help? I take BIOTIN 5000mcg is their another vitamin i can take? Also my goal is for mid Jan or end of Dec. to have it to my chin. I hope this is realistic. I going based off the fact that over the summer before I got the bowl cut my hair grew almost three inches and it had been two months. I know this because I cut my hair into a bowl in mid July and from May to mid July I had a lot of length it was just uneven from an edgy short cut i had. Also I want to use a less heat as possible so short edgy hair cut needed to go.

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